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Introduction of Hybrid crops, high value horticulture and floriculture has changed the concept of conventional agriculture around the world. This activity requires high efficiency fertilizers along with technologies and involves scientific management of water resources.

The green house and open field horticulture has adopted drip irrigation as the most effective means to provide plants and crop with controlled dosage of water and fertilizers, and is instrumental for effective water resource management.

The 100% water soluble fertilizers are most suitable for fertigation (via drip irrigation) for obtaining high yield, quality crop.

Fertigation technique helps to deliver fertilizers directly to root zone of cultivated crops, which helps in increasing nutrient use efficiency resulting in higher yields with improved quality.

Foliar application or foliar feeding is highly beneficial and is a well-accepted practice globally to solve nutrient deficiencies as sprays help direct assimilation of nutrients to improve productivity.

Arcad specialty fertilizers, FZCO, UAE now has made available under the brand name “GROWFERT”(100% water soluble) to farmers as plant nutrition food for modern farming operations.

The GROWFERT fertilizers are manufactured using Nitrogen (N), Phosphates (P) and Pottassium (K) straight salts using international quality standards. They can be blended with Chelated micronutrients.

GROWFERT is available in different grades as given below. Click on each variety to know the specifications

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