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About our company

Arcad’s first venture was trading in a variety of fashion accessories during the Russian boom in 1990’s in Dubai. Both the partners soon realised that Ladies Handbags was a niche business with extreme high demand but very little focus from established businesses in Dubai. The partners then started sourcing handbags from the local market and selling it to the Russian clients to understand the requirements better; without locking-in money into a longer business cycle by importing directly. After establishing an exclusive clientele they eventually started importing the handbags from China, Italy and India and re-exporting based on advance orders. 

This is the founding principle and business model that Arcad has followed since.

Arcad Trading – Fashion Accessories division now has about 60% of the local wholesale market share and still contributes to about 70% of the company’s annual turnover.

The Russian currency downfall and China’s entry into the world market resulted in sluggish business during the year 1998-99. 

The partners saw a need to diversify into a different field to continue the growth and cushion the Handbag business. They ventured into IT as their second business in 2002. The decision was based on the fact that Dubai is the hub for trading for most African nations and that after the IT boom in the late 90’s the industry had stabilized world wide. After recording the continuous growth of the Wholesale division, Arcad decided to move into the Retail business providing IT solutions to corporate clients and individuals. This division was established in 2005.

Arcad Trading International Ltd. (GZ), China was established in 2004, catering to the needs of varied export requirements of established Arcad Handbags clients. The partners decided to establish this arm of the business, to strengthen client relationship and maintain all around client satisfaction; this helped in increasing client retention since the Chinese trade influx.

Arcad decided to setup an office in China in 2004, to ensure competitiveness by giving their clients the best price and having complete quality control which was becoming an issue due to the volume of imports coming in from China to Dubai. Arcad Trading China ensured reduced export expenses, better quality control via inspections and timely shipments. Arcad Trading China is now the sourcing office with 8 employees catering to the needs of all Arcad businesses.

Arcad Trading International Ltd. also has a separate department for new opportunistic trade and needs of Arcad exclusive clients.

Arcad Trading ventured into Chemical fertilizer business in late 2005. Arcad initially started exporting fertilizers manufactured locally to the Indian sub-continent as per the requirements of the Indian trading partners. The margins and growth of the business prompted Arcad Trading to look at alternative and more flexible sourcing options. 

After looking at various supply options, Arcad Trading took a decision to venture into manufacturing of chemical fertilizers. Arcad Fertilizers was set up in 2006 as a fully owned partnership company in the Jebel Ali Free Zone, to ensure a smoother and more flexible supply to its partners.

Arcad Fertilizer’s manufacturing facility is set up on a 7,530 square meter area in Jebel Ali Free Zone (South). The facility is automated with an annual production capacity of 10,000mt. It has been built for efficiency to ensure minimal down time between switches, to produce a variety of fully water soluble chemical fertilizers.

Arcad Fertilizers also supplies its own brand of Arcad applicators. Arcad Fertilizers employs qualified Agriculturists to support the farmers with scientific and technical advice to achieve higher yields per season.