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Cosmetic is a new fashion adventure that Arcad has decided to venture into. Cosmetics is a natural progression from fashion - as fashion changes so do the cosmetic ranges! Arcad team understands fashion well and are leveraging this strength to build a new cosmetic following… Arcad with its extensive consumer centric mindset and focus on best in class supply is now introducing ‘Oneon1’ the cosmetic range!

Oneon1 will be the umbrella brand under which Arcad will supply on-trend and extensive ranges of face & eye make-up, lipsticks and nail varnishes for the discerning clientele. Under Arcad’s strict quality guidelines, Oneon1 will maintain quality and consistently provide product ranges without the use of heavy metals and harmful chemicals. We understand the responsibility of brining quality makeup products to the region and pride ourselves on the selection of manufacturers that we have engaged to provide us technologically advanced and safe to use cosmetic products.

A set of major cosmetic producers in Europe will produce ranges exclusively for Arcad based on the client feedback and recommendations from make-up experts on current trends.

All Products will be manufactured as per the guidelines of European Health Association Rules and observing all FDA Laws.

Based on Arcad’s philosophy, Oneon1 will tirelessly endeavor to provide its clients with innovative make up that will transform the makeup industry and define the concept of beauty for the Middle East & Africa.

Visit www.oneon1.com for more information.